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VOICEMAIL || Mercedes Jones

"Miss Jones is in da' house, y'all! Fabulous messages only, girlfriends!"

[for ic or occ messages, just state which]

@ sixwordstories


Hearby staking an advanced claim on Sarah Jessica Parker's Glee character.

And if she isn't a lesbian, bigbrothersrock, I'm looking at you ;)

OOC || My other mask

Just a note to say that I've taken over the lovely Carole Hummel here on Livejournal also after having her on Facebook. She could crop up in any verses where Finn or Kurt need their mommy or Blaine needs his mom-in-law :)

I'm also totally open to her being honorary mommy to any of the Gleeks if they need it, and if you need/want her, just drop me a line.
1. Kurt's rejection (but okay, he had a good reason)
2. Feeling like toe fungus when I joined Cheerios
3. Quinn reverting from a good friend back to Miss Prissy Pants
4. Mr Hummel's heart attack
5. Not knowing how to help Kurt when his dad was sick
6. Kurt leaving for Dalton
7. No one asking me to junior prom
8. Sam leaving town...
9. Having the West Side Story lead stolen from me
10. Troubletones losing Sectionals

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